Monitor at any scale.






Establish Monitoring.

Upload or draw the regions you'd like to remotely monitor. No GIS skills required. Initiate monitoring at the click of a button. Monitoring scales seamlessly from hectares to landscapes.

Change Notifications.

Recieve notifications when change is detected, based on your monitoring preferences. View, filter, and sort active and historical alert data.

Discover Trends.

Review traceable alert data based on satellite imagery. Examine changes side-by-side using a variety of image configurations. Compare high-resolution basemaps, ancillary spatial data, and other satellite imagery.

Triage and Take Action.

Determine actions for identified change alerts. Document observations synced in realtime across your team. Tag other team members or pin alerts for future review.

Connect Your Tools.

Import data from our data library, external sources, or your own local data. Connect with your existing systems via our customizable APIs to stream a feed of current alerts. Export summarized or raw data and reports to establish change.

What's included

  • Near-real time alerts driven by satellite imagery

  • Customize email notifications for change detection and time-based summaries

  • REST APIs to integrate summarized or detailed alert data with your current system

  • Import and export live data (supports 8+ formats)

  • Access to refined data from the Google Earth Engine catalog

  • Monitor multiple discrete properties or landscapes as part of a team

  • Branded report generation on demand

  • Live onboarding and dedicated support team

  • Role-based access, and external sharing for teams